Cini in a Bottle


I’m a salt blend in a bottle, baby! Cini in a Bottle sea salt blend uses dried wild porcini mushroom powder to create an earthy blend. It adds umami, that fifth taste sensation to everything its added to. Use it on scrambled eggs, pasta sauces, and risotto and much more.

Recipe Inspiration:

Forest Mushroom Clafoutis

  • Ground Porcini Mushrooms
  • Sea Salt

This handmade artisan salt blend uses dried wild porcini mushroom powder to add depth of flavor to everything including scrambled eggs, pasta sauces, and risotto.

Begin with your favorite Healthy On You Spice Box Collection and Refill & Recycle! When you get low on your spices, order a Soft Pack and refill your bottles.

Weight .625 lbs
Dimensions 1.625 × 1.625 × 4.2 in

Customer Reviews

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Cini in a Bottle

I very much so like the porcini mushroom salt. It honestly does give the food an earthy taste. For me, it’s an acquired taste; I believe it's all about pairing this spice with specific foods like pasta, scallops, etc.

All Good So Far!!!

I ordered 5 different blend spices with free shipping which all were good and different in a good way. I just ordered 7 more cus I want more ways to toast the goodness. I plan to try all of them once I see which ones I dont have. Sweet Philly.....


Wonderful, flavorful addition to your favorite dish!!

I feel like each blend is made special just for me

I love my Healthy On You spices and salts. My favorites are: Porcini (earthy, smooth) and Saffron (fresh, robust). They are all great! You can taste the love that goes into every bottle and the packaging is beautiful. And I just love the punny names!

No more settling!

I was getting sick of my garlic salt and wanted to try something new! After trying this, I don't think I'll be going back to boring garlic salt any time soon... highly recommend!