Sam’s Jamaican Jerk Chicken

When I have the time and only on a weekend, I love to make my Jerk Chicken recipe. From I was a child I would watch my mom make this delicious traditional Jamaican dish. It’s easy and definitely a labor of love that she made only in the summer when she could slow cook it outside on a charcoal grill, on low. She would make pounds of it for backyard BBQ’s and family events. Our whole neighborhood would have this amazing smell wafting through the streets.

I learned so much from watching her blending all of the ingredients for the marinade, chopping the chicken and making her dry rub. I absorbed all of this and it was one of my main reasons for wanting to start my own gourmet organic spice company. I truly became spice-obsessed from early on!

Fast forward to this wonderful recipe where you control the heat. Give it a try, be patient and remember, keep the grill flame low and take your time to minimize the char.



  1. Marinate the chicken: apply the marinade to the chicken leg quarters and rub it in (gloves are recommended.) Place in a zip lock back and refrigerate for up to 24 hours.
  2. When ready to cook, set your grill on medium-high heat. Remove the chicken from the bag and remove the excess spices. Reserve the marinade.
  3. Sprinkle the chicken all over with the Healthy On You® No Woman No Spice Jamaican Jerk Spice and kosher salt.
  4. When the grill is hot-between 350-400˚F, add the chicken skin-side up. Reduce the heat to 325˚F and close.
  5. In the meantime, use the reserved marinade to baste the chicken, but first, add it to a small saucepan and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. You need to do this since the marinade has come into contact with raw chicken.
  6. Baste the chicken, turning occasionally until the internal temperature measures 160+ and the juices run clear-about 1 hour if you cook this low and slow which is preferred to minimize over-charring.
  7. You can use the cooked marinade to make a sauce for the chicken of ½ cup sour cream/yogurt/ or mayonnaise + ¼ cup marinade + 1-2 tbsp lemon juice, and kosher salt to taste. Mix well and serve alongside the Jerked Chicken.
Samantha Binkley